Hot Design trends you’ll be loving in 2017

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The year 2017 is around the corner and we just can’t wait for the newness that the year is about to bring in! 2017 looks very bring for the field of interior designing too! As the New Year approaches, everyone is busy making assumptions about the trends. Given this condition, HTS Interiors doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to talk about our expertise on this subject. In this article, the best hospitality interior design firms in Dubai  bring to you some of the most popular interior design trends that were a hit in 2016 and will continue the streak even in 2017.

So here is the list of interior design trends that are hot and will rule the year to come:


  • Mismatched Furniture

This trend has ruled 2016 and it is all set to enter 2017 with the same popularity.Read the rest

Kids, sports drinks, and noxious relations.

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Summer, the quintessential time of the year when spirits are at a new high and energy levels hit an all time low. During these tumultuous times, the heavily fatigued kids often resort to a myriad of sports drinks to replenish their vigour so as to perform at the peak of their talents. People seem to be especially enamoured by Hollywood Smile, a type of smile where all the teeth are equivalent in size, spacing, and texture. Achieve this  Hollywood Smile at Smile dental Dubai. However, this exorbitant consumption of sports drinks on their part often results in a multitude of ailments related to their teeth.

  • Summer is characterised by enormous amounts of sweating and unprecedented fatigue. An excess of sweating causes the body to lose fluid quickly while extended physical work burns the stored supplies of carbohydrates, proteins, and electrolytes.
Read the rest

Innovative home designs for healthier and happy living.

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Home is the only place where you start and end your day hence it should be well maintained and organized for a better living. Having an excellent interior, keeping in mind the health and hygiene of the family members is the most satisfactory way of living. While decorating your home make sure that you use innovative ideas for a happy living.

Before you decorate, your home make sure that the items you choose and the decoration ideas you use allow fresh air inside your house. For more information about the interior decoration, tips go through

Given below are some basic points to decorate your home in a healthy manner.

Try making your indoors fresh and clean

Income of fresh air and sunlight in houses is the most positive thing.Read the rest

Amalgam or Porcelain fillings – which one to opt for.

Hollywood smile Dubai

Dental fillings are chemical substances used by the dentist to repair your teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay. It helps bring back your teeth to its normal function, and can also prevent any further decay. Selecting a filling material can be quite confusing. There are various factors involved such as, cost, the extent of repair, where the decayed tooth is positioned, etc. A variety of dental fillings are available today. Gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, composite resin, tooth-coloured plastic and glass ionomers are all widely used dental fillings each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Your dentist will always recommend the one which is best suited for the situation. But it’s good to have a general knowledge regarding fillings if you are going for the process. Click here to know more about the processes involved in a tooth filling.Read the rest

Get a Glimpse of the Futuristic City with Dubai Tour Package dubai city tour

Dubai is an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary Arabic culture. Its luxuriously rich historical background and elite lifestyles are the main contributory factors in its fame all around the world. It is a futuristic city-estate and therefore, attracts most of the visitors for a shopping spree. It is a hub of shopping centers, expanding architectures, business houses and other revolutionary developments.

It is advisable to plan your next holidays in Dubai with Dubai Holiday Packages so you can enjoy its futuristic characteristics the most. A large range of Dubai Tour Packages offered by different companies like;

  1. Dubai 3 Star Hotel Package
  2. Dubai 5 Star Hotel Package
  3. Guided Sight Seeing Tours in Dubai
  4. Tour of the City of Merchants
  5. UAE Tour Packages

These packages offer many attractions like;

  1. Luxurious stays at best hotels in UAE like Fairmont the Palm, Oberoi Dubai, Oasis Beach Tower and others.
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Ways To Make A Good Looking Fit Out Of A Place

how to make your pace look beautiful

Changing the appearance of your retail shop was considered to be a difficult task some time ago. But now, the various firms offering enormous fit out solutions had made this an easy job. There is a plethora of  commercial retail fit out firms Dubai that offer a range of fit out services to suit your requirements. The lighting, signage, color, branding, shelving, and a galore of other such things should be taken into account in order to give your retail, the desired appearance. For rendering the best looking fit out solution to your commercial place, you might look for fresh tips and ideas online or in related magazines. So here in this article, we shall be discussing a few ways that can help you to make a spectacular fit out.

Before you actually start looking for one of the best commercial retail fit out firms in Dubai for giving a new look to your shop, you must yourself be very clear about the objective of altering the fit out of your shop, which generally is to draw more and more customers to your shop and increase the sales and thus the profit.… Read the rest

Growing trends in hotel industry.

Growing Trends in Hotel industry

Hotel industry today is one of the fastest growing industry. Although, the hotel occupancy rate of almost every hotel is quite high in the domestic market, there are many things like sharing economy, millennial markets, and of course the regular changes in tastes of food and drinks, lead to tough competition, which compels the leaders of this industry to think over the ways to carry out the hotel business. They are required to think of more innovative ways that makes use of latest technologies to satisfy their customers in every possible way. Here we are discussing a few of the latest trends that should be adapted by every hotel to run a successful business.

  • Go green: since environmental friendly services are a growing concern now, many of the travelers prefer to stay in a green hotel or Eco lodging.
Read the rest

Best Hammam to be served in the world.

Hammams in Dubai

Turkish hammam has been a popular part of the Ottoman and Turkish culture for several years. Turkish hammams in Dubai resemble the original ones with peshtemal dome and awe-inspiring architectural beauty. Apart from the use of hot water, Turkish hammams in Dubai have also been designed to provide entertainment to people. Turkish hammam has been embraces for centuries because they provide physical and spiritual purification to the people opting for them. Turkish hammams purify the skin and body of harmful toxins, the bath helps improve blood circulation and it also stimulates the immune system, so we can say that hammams treat both the physical as well as mental system. People visiting Turkey make it a point to indulge in this rejuvenating traditional bath to feel fresh and alive. Not just the home place, people also rave about Turkish hammams in Dubai.Turkish hammams are also praised for their architectural beauty with masterpieces like the Haseki Hurrem Turkish Hammam, the Cemberlitas Istanbul Hammam, the Tiled Turkish Bath, the Cagaloglu Turkish Hammam, the Kilic Ali Pasha Hammam, Grand Hammam and Suleymaniye Hammam, serving the cause for several years.Read the rest

Ideas to design creative home office.

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Home office is a trend that has broken the tradition of working in a usual office building. It is a personal workspace created at home to cater to the formal and important work. Many successful people today prefer the idea of a home office because it removes the problem of commutation and monotony. Modern cities have befitted most out of it with Dubai interior designers evolving quickly into a market of its own.

Room with a view

Outdoor is always considered as a point of relaxation for the mind. The natural view outside the window and the sunlight through the window can have a very positive effect of the overall aura of the home office both visually and productively. Setting up a home office next to a window can help soothe the mind when it is cluttered with pressure.Read the rest

No Pain Window Treatments: Your quick guide to stylish interiors.

Interior design Dubai

Window treatments are one of the top 3 key elements that can make or break the look of one’s interiors. How windows are draped, curtained and decorated not only add to the aesthetic appeal of a room, enlarge or enliven it, but also serve to function as an element to filter light or heat that is amply streaming through the windows. It is important that the window treatments complement not only the upholstery and the walls in your room, but these are also functional, easy to care for and yes, cost effective. Thankfully there are many interior design Dubai stores that stock well on interior decoration supplies, so with a few tricks and tips, you can outfit your room with some gorgeous window treatments in no time!

So when choosing Window Treatments, Focus On:


The first area of concern is the type of window treatments you want for your room.Read the rest

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