The Dubai Restaurants Everyone Loves Right Now

Even if there are so many of the best hotels in Dubai and restaurants in Dubai, there are some of the hotels that are just the best of the best. Hotels that many people are visiting each year are making the stay in Dubai so much better. It is important to know which of the restaurants and hotels are really recommended and known as the best hotels that you can stay in, in Dubai. This is why you should make sure that you know this list. This is the list of the top restaurants that you can eat when you are booking at the best hotel in Dubai:

Bistrot Bagatelle

If you are looking for the number one restaurant that you can visit when you’re going for the Dubai Tour Package, is the Bistrot Bagatelle.… Read the rest

Guide for foreigners planning to invest in the Middle East

Middle East countries are known to have strict rules when it comes to foreign investments.  Even today foreign investments are closed for some industries and sectors in the Middle East for few sectors and industries. Sectors that are open for the FBI usually require a foreign Company to appoint a local sponsor or share holder to be able to register and operate. LLC is the most common and flexible profit sharing option available in UAE; this permits most of the foreign investor’s great edge as 51% legal equity with the local partners.

Here it is an article which will provide you an overview of the requirements for the people who wish to invest in the Middle East countries.


The only exceptions to setup companies in Dubai are in the free zones, which allows 100% foreign ownership companies so we at advice our clients about lines to incorporate their business in middle east.Read the rest

All you need to know about liver transplant

Liver transplant is a surgical procedure; the operation involves the replacement of a pathologic liver with a healthy one. One who needs a liver transplant in Dubai has to apply for the request for donor at a nearby hospital.Patients can obtained a donated liver from donors who have died recently and haven’t had organ injuries. Visit These types of donors are referred to as cadaver donors.

Alternatively, donor livers are obtained from healthy and willing persons. A healthy person can offer his a part of liver. These types of benefactors are referred to as living donors. The living donor’s liver then grows once more in the meantime, with both the donor and beneficiary winding up with a working organ after an effective liver transplant in Dubai.


Surgical procedure

Healthy livers ought to perform over four hundred tasks daily such as making protein needed for blood clotting; creating digestive juice that helps with digestion; storing fats, iron, sugars, vitamins and copper; and removing/changing medications, toxins & microorganism within the blood.Read the rest

Office Partitions: A union of style and comfort

“Work is worship”, a common saying you must have heard of, and also “ Treat your workplace just like your home”. Well, it isn’t that common but still don’t you think that it is very important for one to feel comfortable at the workplace, the same way he feels at home? The answer would be yes. Apart from comfort, privacy is also a very important factor. At our place of work, our office, a lot of people work simultaneously, and this creates some kind of chaos if the proper work environment isn’t provided. This environment involves proper spaces for each employee, and this is where office partitions come into play. They are a part of Office Interior Design Dubai and are very popular nowadays. Let’s look at some of its benefits and types.Read the rest

Aromatherapy products to clean your homes

Fragrance is a capable method of quickly changing our temperament. Life for the most part proliferates amid summer as the herbs, trees and the blossoms are in full sprout and the air is loaded with sweet-smelling scents. When this same sweet-smelling summer turns warm/sticky then the greater part of our homes can utilize a little summer fragrance to get refreshed. fresh summer aromas can do a great deal to us, yet it is extremely harmful to depend on the Plug-in air fresheners or even the splashes, as both contain destructive chemicals, which can bring about trouble if inhaled. Rather we ought to depend on the tricks and tips of our grandmas and ask our maids in Dubai to make use of regular items to make our homes smell clean and refreshing.Read the rest

Carpet it like they do it in Dubai

Sisal, mosque, stairway, animal, exhibition, outdoor, Axminster, vinyl, grass, welcome, hand tufted and and wait for it, Persian. Yes, Carpets. Various varieties of carpets. One of the biggest producers of carpets and rugs in the middle east and possibly all over the world, Dubai is the perfect place to shop for carpets. But give the huge market place size and the limited resource an individual buyer has, purchasing one from a good shop does seem to be a daunting task. Fear not. We have come with a selected and carefully trimmed list of all the reputed carpets shops in Dubai.

  • Leeds Furnishing- Launched in UAE in 2001, it has since established itself as one of the leading carpet shops in Dubai. The company operates from a registered office in the trading district of International City, Dubai and Sharjah.
Read the rest

Hot Design trends you’ll be loving in 2017

The year 2017 is around the corner and we just can’t wait for the newness that the year is about to bring in! 2017 looks very bring for the field of interior designing too! As the New Year approaches, everyone is busy making assumptions about the trends. Given this condition, HTS Interiors doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to talk about our expertise on this subject. In this article, the best hospitality interior design firms in Dubai  bring to you some of the most popular interior design trends that were a hit in 2016 and will continue the streak even in 2017.

So here is the list of interior design trends that are hot and will rule the year to come:


  • Mismatched Furniture

This trend has ruled 2016 and it is all set to enter 2017 with the same popularity.Read the rest

Travelling To Dubai-What You Need To Know

Dubai is one the most popular place in the world known for its beauty and aestheticism over the years. Dubai can make your holiday colorful with a lot of beautiful views and scenes. If you want to enjoy your tour in the city try and lodge in one of the best hotel Dubai and your holiday will remain colorful forever in your memories because they will provide you with the best you deserve. Before you venture into the city there something you need to know and this will be discussed in this write-up.

Travel insurance

Have it in mind that it will be useful if you secure travel insurance before leaving home because visitor in Dubai will be charged for health care service this might not have been included in Dubai tour package you might have been involved with, and you might need the service at some point in time during your trip

Dubai currency

This might be something that you might have known but I believe it is still required to discuss the money spend in Dubai is dirham so make the necessary exchange in Dubai if you are with cash.… Read the rest

Kids, sports drinks, and noxious relations.

Summer, the quintessential time of the year when spirits are at a new high and energy levels hit an all time low. During these tumultuous times, the heavily fatigued kids often resort to a myriad of sports drinks to replenish their vigour so as to perform at the peak of their talents. People seem to be especially enamoured by Hollywood Smile, a type of smile where all the teeth are equivalent in size, spacing, and texture. Achieve this  Hollywood Smile. However, this exorbitant consumption of sports drinks on their part often results in a multitude of ailments related to their teeth.

  • Summer is characterised by enormous amounts of sweating and unprecedented fatigue. An excess of sweating causes the body to lose fluid quickly while extended physical work burns the stored supplies of carbohydrates, proteins, and electrolytes.
Read the rest

Innovative home designs for healthier and happy living.

Home is the only place where you start and end your day hence it should be well maintained and organized for a better living. Having an excellent interior, keeping in mind the health and hygiene of the family members is the most satisfactory way of living. While decorating your home make sure that you use innovative ideas for a happy living.

Before you decorate, your home make sure that the items you choose and the decoration ideas you use allow fresh air inside your house. For more information about the interior decoration, tips go through

Given below are some basic points to decorate your home in a healthy manner.

Try making your indoors fresh and clean

Income of fresh air and sunlight in houses is the most positive thing.Read the rest

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